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Thank you for visiting our website! Full Moon Farm is the only certified vegetable, meat, egg, CBD, and flower CSA in Chittenden County. Please bear with us as we constantly adjust to the changing demands and precautions of COVID-19. In addition to constant daily changes to safety protocols, we are also restructuring our food distributions and our website. Right now we are planning for multiple possible realities for our summer shares. Our summer share description on the website, is currently what our plan is if our world goes back to normal. However, we are well aware that it may not. In that case, we may switch to a pack-by-order distribution, with either pick-ups or deliveries, like we are currently doing for our winter shares. Whatever the future holds, Full Moon Farm is committed to working diligently to provide safe, healthy food to our members.Organic

Welcome to Full Moon Farm's Absolutely Flexible CSA!


Full Moon Farm is back for another great season of delicious vegetables and we are excited to share the bounty with you! This year we are keeping the flexible CSA system with a few exciting changes that we think will improve your experience! Please Click Here to learn more about, or to register for, our Absolutely Flexible CSA!


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