Full Moon Farm

Updates From the Farm

ALERT! Due to today's(Tuesday, Dec 17th) potentially hazardous travelling conditions, the CSA pick-up at Temple Sinai will be postponed until tomorrow, Wed, Dec 18th. Pick-up Wed will be from 4 - 5:30 only. We need to cut it short, because the Temple has a scheduled board meeting at 6. Thanks for your understanding. See you Wed at Temple Sinai, Thursday at Full Moon Farm or Saturday at the Burlington Winter Farmers' Market.

Welcome to Full Moon Farm! Our summer CSA is currently in it's final weeks and it's time to register for our 2019-20 fall/winter CSA! Folks love our ABSOLUTELY FLEXIBLE CSA model so much we are keeping it and tweaking it until it's as close to perfect as we can come. The new(ish) system allows folks to come by ANY of our winter locations: Temple Sinai in South Burlington, Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg and/or the Burlington Farmers' Market at the UVM's Davis Center and grab whatever they want: Organic veggies, chicken, pork, or eggs in ANY QUANTITIES we have!

Our winter 2019-20 CSA registration forms are ready! Click Here to learn more about, or to register for, our Absolutely Flexible Winter CSA!

Full Moon Farm has a Facebook page Click here to visit it.

Full Moon Farm is a 155 acre certified organic vegetable farm located in Hinesburg, Vermont. We grow 30 acres of diversified organic vegetables and raise certified organic, pastured pork and chickens which we sell through our 200 member CSA, at the farm and at the Burlington Summer and Winter Farmers' Markets.

Now in its nineteenth year of production, Full Moon Farm is the longest-serving off-farm CSA in Chittenden County. We are absolutely committed to connecting consumers to their local food sources and producers. We started this farm wanting people to meet the people that use best organic practices to grow their food. We have not been waiting for or expecting the local food revolution, but we sure are glad folks are finally realizing the value of supporting local, organic farms. We like growing food. We like knowing where our food goes. We like answering your questions, meeting your families and watching your faces light up at the sight of your fresh produce every week. We like the connection so much, that unlike almost every other off-site pick-up CSA in America, we come to the pick-ups to be an active part of the farmer/consumer equation.


Our CSA offers pick-ups at five convenient commuter routes in Chittenden County: Temple Sinai, (corner of Swift and Dorset Streets,) South Burlington, Peoples Bank in Williston, One Main St. in Burlington, Full Moon Farm one (just off route 116,)in Hinesburg and at the Burlington Farmers Market.

In 2009 we started raising 900-1000 organic broiler chickens for direct market as well. Our customers are incredibly grateful that there is a certified organic producer of poultry in Chittenden County. There are fewer certified organic meat producers than one would think and plenty of folks masquerading as such. Be sure to check for the certified organic label, not just at a farmstand but on the actual product, to make sure you are spending your hard-earned dollars on the real thing. To learn more about our chickens Click Here

In 2010 we began raising organic, pastured pigs. Certified organic pigs are different from pastured pigs in that the grain they are fed in addition to what they eat on pasture, is non-GMO, and non-pesticide-laden. Not only does this make a difference in what you eat, it also makes a big difference to the environment. PLEASE NOTE: SOME OF OUR PIGS ARE NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Although all of our pigs are raised under stringent organic guidelines, they cannot all be slaughtered that way. In order to be certified, the pork must be slaughtered at a certified organic facility. Sometimes those facilities are booked solid and sometimes those certified facilities have mutilated our pork so badly that we refuse to go back. How can the consumer tell the difference? Just look at the label, if it has a certification label on it, it went to a certified organic facility. If it does not, it did not. To learn more about our pigs Click Here